Small Grants

Summaries of awarded projects below DKK 50,000



  • Capacity Building in Int. NGOs: The Role of Social Media for Human Rights Networks in Morocco


Applicants: University of Southern Denmark, University Cadi Ayyad, Human Rights Watch (HRW) Maroc, The Moroccan Assoc. of Human Rights, (AMDH) and The Coordination of the Maghrebian Human Rights Organizations (CMODH)


Summary: The project investigates the role of social media technologies in fostering social change and human rights capacity building in Morocco. The project investigates the following key research question: What is the role of social media technologies for the organizational strategies of human rights NGOs?


The project is based on two fieldwork strategies: The first strategy concerns collaborative knowledge development and data collection in collaboration with Moroccan NGOs. The second is the establishment and strengthening of strategic research collaboration with key researchers in Morocco. The project’s findings contribute to: a) academic and civil society capacity building concerning the role of new media technologies for human rights reform; and b) strengthening contacts, equal and trustful collaboration and network between Danish and Moroccan scholars.


  • A New Era of Parliamentarism in the Arab World – Preparatory Networking Mission


Applicants: University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Law, Cairo University - Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Politique et Sociales de l'Université de Carthage à Tunis, Université Mohammed V de Rabat, Danish Institute for Human Rights and University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Humanities


Summary: The recent upheavals in the Arab world have led to a massive transformation of the socio‐political landscape in the region. As autocracies were toppled by popular uprisings, there was much hope that a new era of parliamentarism was about to begin. These hopes have, largely, not come to pass and this project seeks to investigate why not and what could be done to help participatory democracy to gain hold.


This project is envisaged as the preparatory mission to establish a network of individual and institutional collaborators in and from five key Arab states – Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Morocco – in order to build a longer‐term substantive academic and parliamentary cooperation on democratic decision‐making and the

legislative function. This subsequent substantive project aims at taking stock, not only of the constitutional developments but also of the actual parliamentary work that is now unfolding in the selected Arab countries.


  • Change the World through Film - A Collaborative Project btw. the DK and Jordanian Film Schools


Appplicants: The National Film School of Denmark and SAE Institute Amman, Jordan


Summary: The short term objectives of the project are to have a new generation of Young Danish and Jordanian filmmakers establish relationships by exchanging knowledeg, film traditions, resources of inspiration and collaborating on making a short film in Jordan. By establisheing a collaboration between Danish and Jordanian filmmakers, the project might insire new lines of thinking and support for democratic reforms.


  • Entrepreneurial Pursuits in MENA


Appplicants: University of Southern Denmark and American University of Cairo


Summary: The project seeks to develop an account of the current state of entrepreneurial endeveaours in the Middle East and North Africa. Focus is on recent and current participation of men and women in knowledge-based entrepreneurship leading to job creation and on their potential for future increased participation in society. The account will be developed by researchers from Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan and Denmark and is envisaged to inform policies for entrepreneurship, competence building and gender equality in the MENA region.