Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation of Granted Projects




The ambition of the FACE-programme is to strengthen project monitoring in order to support the process, results and impact of the project. The monitoring consists of regular partnership reporting and ongoing communication with projects under implementation.


The FACE-secretariat will monitor communication activities carried out by the FACE-projects and in the annual progress report from the FACE-programme the secretariat will include reflections on how communication and dissemination might be strengthened.


The FACE-secretariat will, based on reports and visits to relevant projects, support the monitoring process and facilitate knowledge exchange between ongoing projects within the FACE-programme and with other relevant DAPP partners.


In connection with applications and granted projects, partners may be encouraged (through award and monitoring criteria) to broaden out their scope of partners to include weak and marginal academic institutions and groups, and to involve civil society groups normally excluded from dialogue and attention including women, minorities, marginal and rural areas.

Theory of Change


The FACE-programme Theory of Change is elaborated to ensure that the activities and objectives of the funded projects feed into the overall programme objectives.


Recipients who are awarded a grant will if needed receive support on the development of project indicators and objectives.