Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the deadline for submitting applications?

A: Large applications have to be submitted by the deadline for the given Call for Proposals (CfP). The first CfP was launched on 15 September 2015. The deadline for submitting proposals was 15 November 2015. The second CfP was launched 12 January 2016 with deadline 30 March 2016.

Applications below DKK 50,000 can be submitted on a continuous basis. There is thus no specific deadline.


Q: When do project activities have to be completed?

A: All project activities including final auditing has to be completed by June 2017.


Q: Does the fund cover researcher buy-out and other salaries?

A: The fund can cover salary for one project leader/coordinator. Furthermore, expenses for specific short term consultancy tasks can be covered by the fund. Additional salary expenses cannot be covered by the fund.


Q: Does FACE funding cover overhead for applying institutions?

A: Applying institutions may budget with an overhead of up to 30% of the direct project costs.


Q: Which official documents must be submitted together with the application?

A: Applicants must submit Power of Attorney allowing project leader to act on behalf of the lead institution. It is recommended that a Power of Attorney is also made, allowing the lead institution to act on behalf of partner institutions (if any) in relation to the specific project. As the lead institution is fully responsible for granted FACE funds, reporting etc this is however not a requirement. Furthermore, a Partnership Cooperation Agreement between partnering institutions (if any) must be submitted. There is no specific format for these documents.