Application Procedure


How to apply


FACE supports two types of grants:


  • Large grants (between DKK 50,000 and DKK 2,000,000 per year) announced through a Call for Proposals. FACE has to date completed two Call for Proposals. New Call for Proposals are not envisaged at the moment.


  • Small grants (up to DKK 50,000) for e.g. academic exchange visits, organizing of conferences, seminars and meetings, etc. Applications for small grants can be submitted on a continous basis until 1 March 2017.


What to include


All proposals must be submitted as one PDF file, in English, by the Danish Lead Institution using the correct FACE application form (small or large grants) which can be downloaded from the link in the boxes to the left.


The applications must include:


  • Completed and signed FACE Application Form (small/large grant)
  • Completed and signed FACE budget format
  • Relevant CV(s): project leader and main researcher/implementer from each applying partner institution - max. 5 pages - no specific format required
  • Relevant administrative documents (Power of Attorney, proof of official collaboration)


Applications should focus on:


  • well-defined objectives and a clear description of linkages between planned outcomes, outputs and activities and the FACE objectives
  • clear and tangible success criteria (indicators) that make it possible to monitor project results and outcomes
  • a strategy for how research and analyses will be disseminated among academia, civil society representatives, policy makers etc.


Projects must adhere to requirements in Denmark and in the relevant partner countries regarding research permissions, provision of information to relevant authorities, etc.


Kindly read the Grant Management Manual and Financial Management Manual and all relevant annexes/appendices prior to submitting your application.


Submitting the application form


The application must be submitted as one PDF file to the FACE Secretariat by email to:


Applicants' responsibility


Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all information in the application is correct, that the required formats are used, and that the application has been submitted before the deadline.


In the event of any subsequent changes affecting the information submitted, the applicants must immediately notify the FACE Secretariat.