Eligibility criteria

Eligibility Criteria


Formal conditions


  • The lead applicant shall be a Danish academic institution or legal entity with experience from academic cooperation (preferably from the MENA-region).
  • The Danish applicant shall apply in a partnership with an Arab partner institution. In case there is a severely limited political space for independent academic research in a given DAPP partner country, the Arab partner might be a non-formalized group of academic scholars/students. An institution may enter into partnerships with multiple partners simultaneously.


Eligible activities


In principle, all project expenses related to academic cooperation between the partners, which fall within the defined DAPP themes, are eligible for support, including student activities, alumni networks, conferences, study exchanges, expenses associated with project-related travel and meetings etc. Expenses related to a project cordinator and specific short term consultancy tasks are considered eligible. Activities:


  • must fall under one of the thematic areas and contribute to one or more of the four FACE outcomes as well as to the two overall objectives of the FACE-programme (reform and dialogue). While large projects must contribute to both objectives, small projects are only required to contribute to the dialogue objective.
  • must target cooperation between institutions (or groups of scholars/students), rather than individuals.
  • must focus on one or more of the DAPP priority countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and Syria), but may include a regional aspect.
  • should attempt to promote the participation of marginalised groups e.g. women, youth or minorities - as well as ensuring that their interests and perspectives are part of project focus.
  • may be an extension of existing activities.
  • must include a strategy for how project output (research or other publications) are disseminated.
  • must be completed - including final reporting and auditing - no later than June 2017.


Non-eligible activities


FACE does not support:


  • Operating expenses for the applying organizations, or commercial activities.
  • Activities targeting individuals.
  • Scholarships (masters and PhD’s) for individuals.
  • Salaries for other than the project coordinator and specific short term consultancy tasks


Please refer to the Grant Management Manual for specific eligibility criteria



The Grant Committee shall seek to ensure that there is a geographical, thematic and institutional diversity of the granted projects. Ideally, the FACE-programme should support projects within all of DAPP's four thematic focus areas, and, to the extent possible, in all DAPP partner countries.


The Grant Committee will prioritize projects on the basis of fulfilment of the general and specific conditions as elaborated in the Grant Management Manual and, in addition, projects that:


  • Are most likely to have a multiplier effect or lasting impact
  • Seek to promote the participation of marginalised groups women, youth and minorities in academic cooperation - as well as ensuring that their interests and perspectives make part of the research questions.