Fund management

Management of the FACE programme


FACE Grant Committee


The Grant Committee consists of five members from Danish academic institutions with knowledge of and working experience in the MENA-region. The five members are appointed in their personal capacity and not as representatives of their institutions.


The Grant Committee is responsible for assessing the applications and deciding on which projects are allocated funding by the FACE-programme. Thus, the Grant Committee shall:


  • Review project applications.
  • Decide on which projects are granted support based on set fund criteria.
  • Monitor the FACE-programme by reviewing progress reports elaborated by the Secretariat.


FACE Secretariat


The FACE Secretariat is responsible for implementation of the FACE-programme and hence the operation of the Fund. The Secretariat is operated by NIRAS and Copenhagen University in a joint venture.


The Secretariat is responsible for the administrative screening of all applications, communication with applicants, support to performance indicator development, monitoring of granted projects and consolidating lessons learned. The Secretariat led by the Programme Manager is housed at NIRAS' offices in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Financial management of grants


The grants are disbursed according to the rules and regulations for research-oriented grant schemes set out by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The rules and regulations are elaborated in the Financial Grant Management Manual.